I'm Ricky Cheung.

🖥️ A Software Engineer with a passion and ambition in new technologies, data science and sports. RESUME

My Joruney

I am Ricky, a software engineer. I graduated with a B.S in Applied Math in 2019. I became a business analyst for 2+ years where I performed a lot of business analysis and learned a lot of problem solving and communication skills .

During my educational journey, I had the opportunity to explore various academic disciplines, including computer science. I enrolled in introductory programming classes where I delved into the fundamentals of languages like Java. These classes were more than just academic pursuits. They were windows into a world of creative problem-solving and limitless innovation. The moment when my interest in programming truly ignited can be traced back to a specific experience. I had discovered a new language—a language of logic and creativity that allowed me to express my ideas in a way I had never before imagined.

My commitment to long-term goals led me to quit my analyst job and enroll in an immersive coding bootcamp, a decision that would test the limits of my determination and resilience.

I am now a Software Engineer expertised in web development, bringing a wealth of experience and proficiency in JavaScript and Python.

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“Make it work, make it right, make it fast.” – Kent Beck

Professional Experience

App Academy

Module Instructional Assistant - Software Engineering Jan 2024 - Present

Scale AI/Remotasks

Computer Science Expert AI Trainer (LLM) Jun 2023 - Dec 2023


Full-Stack Engineer Intern (TypeScript, Next.js, .NET, SQL, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS) May - Sept 2023

Robert Half

Business Analyst Aug 2019 - Jan 2022

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My Projects

Some things I've built


Amasport is a full-stack application inspired by Amazon where users can write reviews on products and add them to shopping carts and checkout.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React/Redux, Python/Flask, PostgreSQL, CSS3, Docker

Wecord 2.0

Wecord 2.0 is a full stack chat application where users can enjoy live chat in different servers and channels. Users can create, read, update and delete their servers,channels and messages, as well as joining and leaving servers.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React/Redux, WebSocket, Python/Flask, PostgreSQL,CSS3, Docker


Delp is my first full-stack application inspired by Yelp. Users can find and add their favorite restaurants interacted with Google Maps and write reviews on them.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React/Redux, Node.js/Express, PostgreSQL, CSS3, Google Maps API

Education 🎓

San Jose State University

B.S in Applied Mathematics, Concentration in Statistics 2016-2019

App Academy

24-weeks intensive software engineering program with focus on full-stack web development

My Skills 🔧

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